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Welcome to the Walsh Graphics Web site, the web site of freelance graphic artist Pat Walsh DBA Walsh Graphics, serving Springfield Virginia, Northern VA, Maryland and Washington DC areas for 20 years . On this page you can view examples of print jobs ranging from cover design & page design of books, booklets, programs, brochures, logos and posters, to web design of banner ads and flash animations.

I use Adobe software on a Mac Platform with conversion for pc files, and basic html and css. Jobs include a large spectrum of clientele, and requirements, featuring sports programs, digital image editing, publication layout and flash animation.

View the links below for print jobs, check the links on the left for web banner ads and flash animations.

Program Cover Design Virginian Soccer Tournamnet
Soccer Program
Cover Design - Page Layout
Cover Designs Baseball Yearbook
Baseball Yearbook
Cover Design - Page Design
Booklet Cover Design DOT Publication
Booklet DOT
Cover Design - Page Design
Cover Design White Paper Booklets
Booklets - White Papers
Cover Designs
Cover Design NOTC Booklett
Book - NTOC Publication
Cover Design - Page Design
Tee Shirt Design Soccer Tournament
Tee Shirt Design
Virginian Soccer Tournament 2011
Cover Designs Football Programs
Football Programs
Cover Designs
Program Cover Design All Star Baseball
Program – All Star Baseball
Cover Design - Page Layout
Cover Design Wireless 911 Brochure
Book - PTI Inc.
Cover Design - Page Design

Follow this link for web banner ads and animations, including the animated web banner for the 2011 Virginian Soccer Tournament and the cycle race logo - web banner.

Web Banner Ads – Animations
Logo Design Bicycle Racing
Logo Design & Web Banner
Bicycle Racing Series
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